C2 Ventures is an early-stage investment platform.  We bridge the gap between founders and capital through content, connections and experience.  


In addition to making direct, venture investments, C2V supports its companies through capital raises, exits, commercial scaling, financial and operational support and advice, and promotional content.

To-date, C2V has provided advice and support for more than 25 companies, raised more than $20 million in seed and later-stage funding, and has supported 3 of its 8 portfolio company exits.

We believe the 75% failure rate of startups in their first two years is a statistic,
not an inevitability.


C2V Core Beliefs​

Most failures are due to basic execution mistakes.
These mistakes are avoidable.
Experienced advisor engagement is an effective mitigant.

Keys to Our Approach

Hands on Advice and Support Focused On:
  • Driving revenue growth and market traction
  • Execution, growth and cash management modeling
  • Avoiding common early-stage management mistakes
  • Identifying & executing on pivot/exit opportunities
Content Engine:
  • Broad portfolio company exposure
  • Accelerated brand awareness and product adoption
  • Increased C2V appeal & differentiation for top founders

What Others are Saying

In the world of advisors, Chris is the ultimate "players' coach". He looks out for the people in his circle and is constantly looking for ways to give you a leg up, whether it be a relatable ear, relevant intros, or guidance on key strategic decisions. He's been a huge asset to me as I've evolved as a founder and leader. Every time I interact with him I leave a more confident and energized boss.


Matt Capizzi




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