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Our Mission

Founded on the belief that early-stage companies need more than capital, C2 Ventures provides capital, content, time and experience to provide first-in-class service to our founders.

Our Story

Established in 2014, C2 Ventures launched C2V Capital Partners I, our first institutional venture capital fund in 2019.  We look for companies building enterprise software and robotics solutions for legacy industries with a direct, positive ROI via improvements in productivity, capital efficiency, and profit margins, as well as clean-tech/sustainability solutions with defensible IP and clear customer use cases.  

We seek to maximize these investments by providing consistent, active support to our founders, lending the expertise, time, and experience of our two General Partners, as well as our LP Operator Bench of successful entrepreneurs and tech executives who, consistent with C2V’s mission, have pledged their time and experience in addition to their capital to support the success of our incredible founders.

Portfolio Companies in The News

Beam Focuses On Hydration As It Brings In $5M Series A

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Christine Hall

Direct-to-consumer wellness brand beam organics has entered the hydration beverage space with the launch of its Elevate product after receiving $5 million in Series A financing.


C2 Ventures led the Series A and were joined by new investors, The Yard Ventures and Litani Ventures, as well as existing investors Obvious Ventures,  Camwood Capital and a group of athletes. 

Boston-based beam was founded in 2018 by Kevin Moran and Matt Lombardi, both former professional athletes, to offer THC-free, phytocannabinoid-rich CBD and wellness products. The brand gained a following among other athletes and counts Danica Patrick, Baker Mayfield, Billy Horschel and Mat Fraser as part of its athlete ambassador network.

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What Others are Saying

"Chris and Matt apply a disciplined creativity that results in an unparalleled quality in their portfolio companies that have already shown exciting traction with strong directional long-term differentiation and scaling.  Bottom line - they are proving out all of their theories very effectively."

—  Rich Antoniello,  Complex Media Founder & CEO

C2V Capital Partners Funds

C2V Studios

C2V Studios is an original content studio produced by the team behind C2Ventures. The goal of C2V Studios is to provide advice and content for startups and brands focused on early seed investment companies.


Studios will feature videos from C2V portfolio companies, industry leaders and thought leadership pieces from our own experiences as C2V provides investment advice from the trenches, C2V Studios provides the behind the scenes look from pitch meetings, board meetings, industry events and more.