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Founded on the belief that early stage companies need more than capital, C2 Ventures provides capital, content, time and experience to provide first in class service to our portfolio clients.


C2 Ventures was established in 2014 to provide advisory services and angel investments to early stage startups, carrying out 19 advisory mandates to-date. C2V concurrently launched its Studios content engine in order generate market exposure and brand awareness for its portfolio.

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C2V Studios

C2V studios is an original content studio produced by the team behind C2Ventures. The goal of C2V studios is to provide advice and content for startups and brands focused on early seed investment companies. Studios will feature videos from C2V portfolio companies, industry leaders and thought leadership pieces from our own experiences 

As C2V provides investment advice from the trenches, C2V studios provides the behind the scenes look from pitch meetings, board meetings, industry events and more. 

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20+ years of startup and high-growth enterprise experience as operator, CFO and Founder/CEO and 20+ years of asset management experience.