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We are always looking for world-class people to join our growing team.  In particular, we are hiring in the following areas:

  • VP of Engineering: to build, organize and lead a world-class, high-performing engineering team.  This role requires many years of engineering leadership and a history of successfully building and deploying complex products, with a preference for payments or lending products.
  • Credit Risk Lead: to develop key insights on our credit performance, communicate them to the rest of the team, and explore new credit data sources.
  • Compliance Professionals (all levels): to improve our regulatory compliance strategy and toolsets, provide guidance on applicable law and regulation, implement process improvements, and stay abreast of regulatory developments.
  • Art Director: to develop Petal’s creative work, strengthen our brand affinity, and roll out attention-grabbing campaigns that get consumers familiar with Petal.
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Mobile Engineer or CTO:

  • Embrace makes identifying and diagnosing mobile issues super quick and much easier.In mobile, no feedback loop exists for issues and errors experienced by users.  These issues are only found via complaints, churn (when its too late,) and our own (and CEOs) use of our apps. For ex, 7-10% of sessions have such slow startups that users outright abandon the app.Unlike point solutions for monitoring and crashes, Embrace goes further and identifies every issue, whether a crash, slow startup, OOM/ANR app close, spike in user terminations, broken purchase, bad network call, etc.  

    The platform typically uncovers 5X issues than were previously known.   Embrace examines every single user session (no sampling) so Engineers can replay any crash, look up any user (CxO, complainer, QA) or session, reproduce slow experiences... Solve faster, dig into hunches, improve the speed and reliability of your app.
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Sales Development Rep: We need someone who is adept in the current best practices of cold outreach to make sure we're filling our pipeline.

  • Data Analyst:  Ideally the unicorn of data savvy, technical,  customer facing with industry specific knowledge.
  • Engineers:  The good news is that we have a distributed engineering team so there is some flexibility here (although we prefer folks be in the vicinity of North America to manage timezone issues.
  • Client Services:  We've got more clients and now we need to service them.
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