12 Things Moms Love (and Loathe) About Back-to-School

August 4, 2018

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Rachel Howell

Rachel Howell

Stay-at-home mom of Quimby, 7 (pictured), as well as Bijoux, 2, and Zara, 8 months

Dreads: Taming screen use! Starting in the fall we get rid of the iPad and electronics at home in the morning. It’s just too distracting.”

Loves: “Ordering all the supplies we need online at once, through the school.”

Suzanne Chan

Suzanne Chan

Mom to Lucas, 3; Ava, 9; and Marcus, 6 (not pictured)

Nurse, and blogger at

Dreads: “Keeping on top of things. My daughter once tried to sign my name to a form I’d completely forgotten to sign. Oops!”

Loves: “It’s a very social time. It’s not just kids who are meeting people. Finding “the friend” for you is a big deal and can be a huge help. The friend who can locate a missing assignment, remind you about a birthday party, or help out when you’re stuck in traffic at pickup time.”

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Sai Da Silva

Sai Da Silva

Mom to London, 5

Creative director and founder of the blog Scout the City

Dreads: “The separation, for me too! London and I do so much together that it’s a huge adjustment.”

Loves: “Not packing a lunch. Her new school provides a
hot meal every day. The lunch struggle is real!”

London says: “I can’t wait to ride the bus to school!”

Stephanie Cavalli

Stephanie Cavalli

Mom to Santiago, 8
 (pictured), and Lou, 2

Model and antiques dealer

Dreads: “Homework! It means a return to having to be on him about it, because he doesn’t like it. I have to harass him to do it.”

Loves: “Having a strong routine. It’s always
the same thing, same time: Get up, dress, eat breakfast, brush your teeth. My kids know that you don’t get breakfast until you get dressed.”

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Svetlana Griaznova-Acquista

Svetlana Griaznova-Acquista

Mom to Alessandra, 9, and twins Salvatore (left) and Nicholas, 6


Dreads: “The illnesses!
 My kids start catching stuff when they go back to school and pass it from one to the other.”

Loves: “Having time for yoga and exercise. I slack off in the summer, but getting back to that when they’re in school helps keep me focused.”

Amri Kibbler

Amri Kibbler

Mom to Mari, 5
 (pictured), and River, 9 months

Cofounder of HeyMama, an online community for entrepreneurial moms

Dreads: “Trying to get to bed early again, and school starts half an hour earlier this year. Yikes! Also, the baby poops the moment 
I’m about to walk out the door.”

Loves: “Shopping is my jam. I love picking out 
the backpack with Mari, getting the new lunch box, and putting together the outfits and accessorizing.”

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