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“Bill Marino at Uru introduced us to Chris and said, "If you have the opportunity to partner, definitely take it because Chris knows everyone." So far that's been exactly right and, perhaps equally importantly, once Chris comes onboard he's incredibly generous about opening up his network to make introductions. And because Chris has been an operator himself, he understands the stress that comes with the job and gets in the trenches with you to get things done.”

Ajay Kishore - Stareable Founder& CEO


“Chris has been the ideal early stage investor for Narrative and has helped tremendously as we've grown. His contributions have manifested themselves in a few key areas: Network: As others have pointed out. Chris knows everyone and just as important everyone like him. Anytime we've needed an introduction outside of our existing network Chris has delivered. Advisor: Being an entrepreneur himself Chris has always been there to talk through some of the challenges big or small in running a company. While this makes him "hands on" he isn't omnipresent. In that way he strikes the perfect balance of adding value without distracting from the day to day operations of the business.Friend: Above all else Chris is a genuinely good guy. Starting a company is hard enough without being surrounded by people you wouldn't hang out with IRL.”

Nick Jordan - Narrative CEO & Co-Founder

“Chris is an investor in Uru, as well as an advisor. He has a seemingly omniscient view into everything happening in the advertising and digital media landscapes and, as a result, his advice is consistently spot-on. His energy is unflagging and he's a great guy to boot. We absolutely could not have gotten this far without Chris."

Bill Marino - Uru Founder & CEO

“Chris is an investor and an advisor to Arbor. He's very dedicated to helping us succeed and goes above and beyond to help with that cause. He's incredible at connecting people because he knows them all. We're extremely happy to have Chris helping out with Arbor."

David Yaffe - Arbor Founder (acquired by LiveRamp)

"Chris is one of our investors/advisors and is an incredible value add. Where a lot of investors are happy to be involved at a high level, Chris gets deep to figure out what we need and help us execute. He's a really well-connected guy. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you should stop thinking and act."

Matt Harris - Bloom Credit Founder & CEO

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In the world of operationally driven investors, Chris is the best. He gets his hands dirty, rolls up his sleeves and does the work traditional VC's won't do

Eric Futoran - Embrace.io Founder & CEO

"It’s simple. If you have an opportunity to partner with Chris, do it"

Darren Paul - Animatic Founder and CEO

"In the world of advisors, Chris is the ultimate "players' coach". He looks out for the people in his circle and is constantly looking for ways to give you a leg up, whether it be a relatable ear, relevant intros, or guidance on key strategic decisions. He's been a huge asset to me as I've evolved as a founder and leader. Every time I interact with him I leave more confident and energized. Boss."

Matt Capizzi - Zenrez Founder & CEO