Afford your dreams.

Use Bloom to qualify for your best loans, credit cards, and credit products.

Bloom Credit was created with the idea in mind that there could be a “win - win” between customers and the financial institutions that serve them. No longer does it make sense to live in an age where our institutions win and our customers lose. Both banks and individuals alike are starting to feel the effects of this system, and it calls for a change.

We believe people should be given the tools to afford their dreams, and by giving everyone the opportunity to succeed we all win. Bloom is actively working to create a system where customers and financial institutions are partners on the same journey.


"Chris is one of our investors/advisors and is an incredible value add. Where a lot of investors are happy to be involved at a high level, Chris gets deep to figure out what we need and help us execute. He's a really well-connected guy. If you have the opportunity to work with him, you should stop thinking and act." 

Matt Harris - Bloom Credit Founder & CEO